PWF Teacher Certification

It all started with ... 

Yes, it's true ... the bead pulling station is the workhorse of the immersion process.  It allows you to remove beads and pendants from a mandrel with lightening speed, while keeping your fingers safe from hot stuff.  

We knew how special the technique was and that it needed to be protected to insure the integrity of the firing technique and the stability of our business.  So, we applied for a patent for the bead pulling station.  In June 2013, the patent was granted.

Over time, we couldn't keep up with the demand for workshops, especially after opening 
our brick and mortar store and studio in Saint Petersburg, Florida... 

2428 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33712   (727) 498-6409

However, with the patent in hand, we were now able to embark on our most exciting project yet ... the PWF Teacher Certification Program.  We could train teachers to teach near their homes or at bead shows and other retreats, if they liked to travel.  This would help to address demands for the workshop while providing quality control to students.  It would give teachers the security they need when walking into a classroom, knowing that they're equipped to teach the immersion process and to address student questions.  It also provides income to the teacher in the form of tuition, discounts on enamel and other supplies, and the ability to earn income from the sale of enamel.  It was a win-win-win ... for us, the students, and the teachers!   

To become a PWF Certified Teacher, it's a two-day process of learning the technique and tons of decorating techniques, with some business thrown in.  We essentially give you the benefit of the knowledge it took us over five years to acquire. There's a licensing fee to get started.  

If you want more information, just email me us at or call us at (727)498-6409.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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I miss you in my part of town!